Monday, August 27, 2012

Glazed Furniture

Buffet in "Catwalk" turquoise with black glaze
I have discovered the coolest thing since, well, paintable wallpaper I guess. 
I have heard the term "glazed furniture" before and recently saw some amazing images of the technique. When I acquired this awesome buffet, I knew this one had to be my glazing guinea pig.

I did a little research on the internet and then set off to purchase some glaze. 
This one was amazingly reasonable at $7.99 for a gallon. (which I now realize will last me a lifetime - really a quart is all you need, and even that is probably a lifetime supply).It comes clear and you have to have the paint gurus tint it. They looked at my like I was nuts, but they did it anyway. Not a lot of glazing going on in Hawaii I guess. 

So I painted and sanded as usual and then gingerly painted on the glaze and then wiped it off with a damp towel as instructed.

It was scary.

I was worried I was going to ruin the whole thing, but then I realized that it is actually very forgiving! After all, it's whole purpose is to enhance imperfections, and since I have recently deemed myself an "Imperfectionist", this is the stuff for me.

Since this discovery, I have been glazing everything in sight. 

Vintage end table painted in "Japanese Fern" with black glaze

Antique buffet in Robin's Egg Blue with black glaze.

I love the way the details pop even further with the glaze. It also gives furniture an aged effect that enhances the distressing

I also bought some that I had tinted brown, but so far I like the black much better.
Look out world, I'm on a glazing rampage and nothing is safe! 


  1. Wow! I'm really enjoying your website. I saw several of your pieces on craigslist which had your blog address on it. You are very talented and inspiring~ who knows, I may repurpose something and do it up too!


  2. Thanks Anne! Furniture is a fun, creative outlet! Who knew??! Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment! I am having a DIY workshop in October and will post the info on the blog soon, if you are interested! You can also email for more info:

    1. Just e-mailed you to be on your mailing list.


  3. Wow, that buffet in robin's egg is beautiful. Is it for sale?